Dear Hamdan’s Arms,

       I see you there looking so big and fine. I would imagine you wrapped around me as I felt you squeezing me tight. I’d stalk Instagram and other sites just hoping to see a picture of you flexed or peeking outside of a cut off shirt. In some photos you would even kill my ovaries, but I forgive you. The reason I am writing is because I miss you. Hamdan has focused more on cardio and so sadly you went away. I just wanted you to know I wait for the day you return to Hamdan and you will be welcomed back with bursting ovaries worldwide. 


Fazza’s Fangirls

boomer ( submitted: In the end nation will rise against nation brother against brother and man will claim good evil and evil good. I stand w Israel and the safety of ALL of her people, psalms 122:6 pray 4 the salaam of Jerusalem.

I know I said I wasn’t going to post these messages about religion BUT I really want to say this. It’s not addressed to Runwaygrl25 alone, it’s addressed to the world right now. We need to stop taking sides and start working together.  

Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Christians believe in the God of Abraham, Muslims believe in the God of Abraham. So when Christians denounce Islam and mock Allah, they are talking about their own God. Radical Muslims attacking other religions in the name of God is itself a contradiction of faith. Radical Jewish individuals killing for peace is going against what God wants for the world. God wants love, God is love. Period. 

For those of you who oppose the Islamic faith, have you read the Qur’an? Those of you who oppose the Christian & Jewish faith have you read the Bible? Because if you haven’t your just fueling propaganda.



Anonymous asked:

Hey have you seen the tailer of the new movie 50 shades of grey if so what do you think ? Btw have you read the book? And whats your opinion about it

Yes I have! I have also ready the books. I’ll be honest about the book and the movie. 

The movie will never be as good as the book. Why? We all pictured our own Christian (mine was Hamdan). We used our own imaginations to run wild with what was written in the book (even though the book was poorly written). Plus that book was so graphic it would be rated NC-17 or straight up porn if the movie included everything that was written in those books. I have a feeling people will be seriously let down with that movie. 


Anonymous asked:

Why would you hate westerns? Does that anon not see your posts about peace and love?

Why do people think I am Hamdan? They just do not pay attention. LOL. 

ilovefazza asked:

Hey do you know any of Fazza's pets' names? His favourite horse is Jazyk, his girrafe is called Melman...his other pets? Like his tigers or lions or falcons?

Tigers and lions…no clue on their names. I know he has a camel named Emaar. There is a video of him calling his camel in my archive. Super cute.


Anonymous asked:

Hi sheikh Hamdan, I am not like other fan. I m in love with ur poems. It clearly shows ur passion, ur love for ur motherland. Every line shows ur heart. for ur family, ur country, for ur love. My first poem of urs was that one which describes ur love for ur mother. I do not like u. I like ur poems from bottom of my heart. If u r prince y dont u do anything for muslims who are in Gaza.? Please help them. Did u ever done any hardworking work ?


Anonymous asked:

With what's happening in Palestine at the momentthe, what do you make of the lack of public condemnation from the leadership? Sometimes I look at his instagram and feel like he lives in a bubble where only their existence matters. I realize I'm judging but just wondered if you've ever thought this too?

Without getting into a big discussion, Palestine is a mess right now. 

As for Hamdan living in a bubble, he is aware of what is going on in the world. He is only showing us like 1% of his life (we should be blessed he is showing us that much). The UAE and other Muslim countries are sending support to Palestine. That’s all they can do right now. That and pray. That is all we can do as well, pray for peace. 


Anonymous asked:

Do you think Fazza is still a virgin? I am curious... hahahaha

LOL I am always asked this. I always go between yes and no. I would like to think he is but it’s 2014 so you never know. Right now I am on the bandwagon that he is a virgin. 

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