I will be away for a few days. I have the ok to go back home to Texas so I’m driving back today.

I will get to my messages in a few days. I’ll add pics when I get various moments to load some.

Hugs and kitten kisses!


Anonymous asked:

please tell us What they are saying in that little girl video

I don’t know but I think it’s super precious. It looks like they are in a store so that makes it even more adorable. 


Anonymous asked:

I have no respect for sh. mo brother who would not claim his child or wife he had in London, its sad because the child would know the father did not want him, in for his wife now I would be really upset to find out my husband was living a lie, I don't care what the other side of the story is he didn't even come to court he sent his lawyer to tell crazy stories about her, coward. I wonder how fazza felt about his uncle at this time knowing he has so much love for kids.

I have always wondered how men can walk away from a child. I know they don’t want the responsibility but how can someone walk away from a physical part of themselves? Boggles my mind. 

Anon ( submitted:Musl

Anonymous asked:

Questionable religions? Like would he look past the fact that a girl is Jewsh?

I am sure he would. Just like not all Muslims are bad not all Jews are bad. They are the minority. I meant like Scientology and things like that. 

No I am certain he wont. If it’ll ever comes to that he’ll go for a christian but never a Jew… Its HIGHLY unlikely for a Muslim to marry a Jew… but very common to marry christian.

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