Mohammed: Hamdan, your fandom seems to be slipping. What’s going on?

Hamdan: I’m not sure. I’m very concerned as well. My numbers should be higher. My girls seem to be fading away. I need to get my zesty back!

Maktoum: HELLO?!?!? I thought we were going to talk about the budget not Hamdan’s’ fangirls. Ugh….I’m over it!


Anonymous asked:

I just started to notice fazza older brother he is cute. People say he loves doing his own thing do you see him as the future ruler ? do you think he will be the brother marrying a non traditional girl ?

Rashid? He’s hot but I do not see him as a future ruler. In my mind he is a rebel bad boy…does his own thing. He might marry a non traditional girl. Who knows. He plays by his own rules.

Ugh….his daredevil nature is so sexy. He’s just hanging out like it’s no big deal. 

Hamdan: Yeah, so what…I am just sitting here chilling on this tower waving a flag. It’s cool. Oh what? Yeah that’s the ground thousands of feet below me…nope I am not wearing a harness or parachute. That’s how I roll…no fear!

oceanusuae submitted: Hi fangirl…. Nice to have u back…. Wanted to ask u who us the girl in the pic with hamdan…. Someone said its manal , Nadine’s sister. Manal who ???

Thank you! I am sure it is one of his sisters. I am not sure who it is. 

justmyfaz3 replied to your photo: oceanusuae submitted: Hi fangirl…. Nice to have u…

She is Sheikha Latifa´s friends.

Thank you.

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