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I also think Hamdan likes a game of cat and mouse. I think he likes putting his friends on the quest to test and spy on who he likes. The problem is it shrouds his intentions. And not everyone likes to play games when they too have waited for true love as long if not longer than Hamdan. He shouldn't wait too long or cloud the issue. If he's really romantic, he'll go all in. But waiting on the sidelines? No one respects that.

Interesting idea. I could see that more in his 20’s though. 


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ahahah Shumi is jealous :D yes, she is jealous about her uncle dandan ;P Dandan belongs to her, noone else!!!!! heheh She wants him only for herself and not sharing him with cousin Hamad hehe So cute pictures =)) And sad to say but when he will be finally having his own chidren, sweet Shumi will be jealous as hell constantly. Time with fun with him will end up:( The number one for him will be wife and his own kids.

Honestly, the bond that those two have seems unbreakable. I think he will always make special time with Shumi. Yes, his wife and kids will become his number one priority but he will always have Shumi time. 


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:O omg you are so good proffesionalist as an psychologist. Yor answer to an anon, when you pretend hamdan is your client was awesome! If it is really true he longs for true love so much and is so unhappy due his loneliness (it's possible, if not, he would be married already) he should sign up for the appointment with you, lay on the couch and throw out all fears and concerns. I'm sure that after a conversation with you he would feel relieved, at least for a while...

Aww thank you! 

The best part of this message….Hamdan on my couch….

I’d definitely make him feel better.


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Thanks for posting The Distance by Fazza, never seen it before. Again i realized he wants love. But one line intriqued me the most. This:<<< Don’t make the haters happy by our separation>>>Sounds like he wants his love no matter other say. He doesn't care about the rest, what could be a problem for other ppl who wanted separated them from each other. No matter how many obstacles will be between them, it doesn't count for him! He wants her above all. This i understood from his poem, you too?

It sounds like this woman is the one that decided to keep things at a distance. I agree on your analysis. He doesn’t care what others may think, he just wants her and only her. 

I wonder…under what circumstance would others hate on a relationship of his?

Saw this posted on Facebook just now…just felt like posting it. The Distance by Fazza

Please, think twice about our love before it fades away.

I’m afraid after the long distance, it will be hard to come back.

Tell me, what is the point of being separated? Since we agreed that being mad at each other is childish?

We will die for each other since we are still alive.

Beautiful, just let it go.

Don’t make the haters happy by our separation.

Don’t take my heart and break it.

We can see the end coming, what is the point of separation now?

Because of our longing to each other, the stars slept while we are still awake.

My Sheikhdom: Finally, here!








I am here…listening to depressing songs from the 80’s on Youtube, eating cookie dough from the tube and answering your messages. I’ll be on for a while so hit me up while I am on!


Omg I want to go to America just to eat tubs and tubs of…

We have Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream and Pizza Hut do warm cookie dough served with ice cream, which is simply divine! *drools* But we don’t get raw cookie dough in tubs like you do :( I used to make it myself sometimes but it’s been a while. Damn you got me craving for it now hmph!

Wait, so let me get this straight——-you can’t go to a grocery store and buy Nestle Toll House ready to bake cookie dough that you just put on a cookie sheet and bake it


No cookie dough, 

Tea instead of coffee

drive on the left side of the road


Hey don’t diss our tea lol.

Well you can’t where I live. Maybe Sheikha3 can tell us if you can get it in London…..

I can get a cookie mix where you just add water and then bake but I don’t really like those :/

OK OK OK, sorry I dissed on the tea———I can drink it iced cold with alot of sugar——-what we Southerners call

Southern Sweet Tea……

Wow you always wonder how far you can go with someone before you cross a line with them——

you just never expect the line not to cross is TEA!!!!!!!!!!!11


LOL I was only kidding! Not all Brits love tea, some love coffee! Trust me there’s plenty of coffee here and we occasionally get Hamdan and Nasser so you should totally come to London!!!

I will most definitely need coffee when I get off the plane…in my dream world I would have Hamdan greeting me at Baggage Claim with a cup of coffee and a great big smile. *sigh*

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